A Genuine Freakshow


PLEASE NOTE: Although A Genuine Freakshow have split, we will continue to man the store to offer downloads and products while stock is remaining if you’re only just discovering the band.

The Complete Collection

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The Download Collection

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Oftentimes (Deluxe 2CD Edition)


Where The River Bends (Download EP)


Oftentimes B-Sides (Download EP)


Oftentimes (Download Album)


Oftentimes (Retail 1CD)


Oftentimes Circle Text Red T-Shirt


Oftentimes Escalators Aqua T-Shirt


Scribble Logo Grey T-Shirt


Scribble Logo Brown T-Shirt


Scribble Logo Yellow Women's T-Shirt


Scribble Logo Olive Women's T-Shirt


Dead In The Skirting Boards (Free Download)