We have decided after many years to bring an end to A Genuine Freakshow.

Our reasons are three fold: financial (we haven’t got any money), geographical (we now live further away from each other than we did before) and musical (less of this than the previous two).

First of all we would like to thank everyone who has ever come to one of our gigs, bought a record or a tee shirt (or an Ultimate Fighting Combo!). You have quite literally kept this band going for longer than we thought was possible, so thank you.

We of course want to thank all of our families and friends who have supported us and put up with our lengthy absences, last minute cancellations and us turning up at their doors at 2 am with another 7 people to house. We are aware this has not always gone down well!

We would also like to thank the following people who have been instrumental in our (mis)adventures: Erik Nielsen Jordan Fish Sarah Thirtle Linda Serck Tom Robinson Sarah Sheppard Mike Hunter Tim Sidwell Dave Maul Pete Lambrou Ben Hobbs Sam Horder

There are also a few bands who we met along the way that have been unbelievably talented whilst also being the nicest of folk: Cats and Cats and Cats Fell City Girl The Wutars Spring Offensive Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles

Anyways, thanks for everything, we’ll see you in another life brother.

Tim, Simon, Jack, John, Jon, Mel, Marianne